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Tracksys: SMI Wireless Eye Tracking Glasses (ETG)

MANUFACTURER Tracksys Ltd (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Flexible SMI ETG 2w
CONTACT 1 Judith Watson
CONTACT 2 Mel Leitch
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SITE City Campus


Human interface design: Non-invasive video based glasses-type eye tracker; Insertable sun glasses included Glasses weight: 47g Calibration: Calibrationless gaze tracking; 1-/3-point calibration; Offline calibration correction Validation: Live validation of gaze tracking quality Parallax compensation: Automatic parallax compensation Sampling rate: 60 Hz native, binocular, 120 Hz native, binocular Gaze tracking accuracy: 0.5° over all distances (typ.) Gaze tracking range: 80° horizontal, 60° vertical (typ.) Scene camera Resolution: 1280x960p @24 fps; 960x720p @30 fps; HDR (high dynamic range) mode with high sensitivity for low light Scene camera field of view: Field of view: 60° horizontal, 46° vertical Eyewear: compatibility Works with contact lenses and most vision correction spectacles; Snap-on corrective lenses from +/- 4 diopter available Audio: Integrated microphone Wireless control: Online scene video with gaze cursor, tracking status, eye images; Wireless live control, live audio and live annotations via Wi-Fi connected Windows device, Wi-Fi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Interfacing: VRPN interface, Real-time data streaming with SDK (raw and fixation data, pupil measurements etc.), Wireless logging of incoming trigger messages and PC clock, Hardware trigger via PCI Express card with parallel port, Wi-Fi standard 802.11 n; GigabitLAN 802.3 a/b Norm compliance: CE Declaration of Conformity; EN55024:10/2003; EN62471:2008; IP Class: 20

Item ID #1534.

Last Updated: 2nd March, 2016