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SR Research Ltd Eyelink 1000 Core System

MANUFACTURER SR Research Ltd (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Eyelink 1000 Core System
CONTACT 1 Mel Leitch
CONTACT 2 Alexander Thiele
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SITE City Campus


The core of the EyeLink 1000 eye tracker consists of a custom designed high-speed camera connected to a dedicated Host computer. Running on a real-time operating system, the Host software provides extremely fast eye sample access with incredibly low inter-sample variability, accessed via a set of programming interfaces for multiple operating systems and programming languages.


Standard Camera 1000Hz Sampling Rate Host PC Small 'Cube' style Chassis (300 x 430 x 230 mm) Intel i5-3450 (With Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost Technology 2.0) Intel HD Graphics 2500 Corsair 2 GB RAM DDR 3 1333 MHZ Western Digital 320 GB HD 7500 RPM Sata 6GB/s 17" LCD monitor High Speed Image Processing board PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Dual Operating Systems: ROM-DOS Real-Time Operating System for use with EyeLink Host Software Windows 7 Pro for use when not using eye tracker EyeLink 1000 Host Software EyeLink Software Development Kit Languages: C/C++, Python, COM Operating systems: Windows XP / Vista, 7, Mac OSX, Linux Example Experiments written in C, COM, and E-Prime Cabling Universal Camera Power Supply 5 meter Camera Link Cable 8 meter Ethernet Cable

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Last Updated: 7th September, 2017