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Neurospec AG, Active Two Base System

MANUFACTURER Neurospec AG (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Active Two Base System
CONTACT 1 Samantha Cook
CONTACT 2 Mel Leitch
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SITE City Campus


The new ActiveTwo system sets new standards for multi channel, high resolution biopotential measurement systems for research applications. The system is a further development of the successful ActiveOne system, the first commercially available system with active electrodes. Advances in technology have allowed BioSemi to significantly increase the number of channels, digital resolution, input range, and sample rate, without any increase in size, power-consumption or costs. Second generation active electrodes are smaller in size with less cable weight, while offering even better specs in terms of low-frequency noise and input impedance. The new system confirms the solid lead that BioSemi has built over competing designs during the last years.


Sample-rate: (Is adjustable by user)

2048 Hz

4096 Hz

8192 Hz

16,384 Hz

Max. number of channels @ selected sample rate:





Bandwidth (-3dB):

DC - 400 Hz

DC - 800 Hz

DC - 1600 Hz

DC - 3200 Hz

Low-pass response:

5th order sinc digital filter

High-pass response:

Fully DC coupled


24 bit, 4th order Delta-Sigma modulator with 64x over sampling, one converter per channel

Sampling skew:

< 10 ps

Absolute sample rate accuracy (over temp range: 0-70 C):

0.1 Hz

0.2 Hz

0.4 Hz

0.8 Hz

Relative sample rate accuracy (jitter):

< 200 ps


LSB = 31.25 nV, guaranteed no missing codes

Gain accuracy:

1 %

Anti aliasing filter:

fixed first order analog filter, -3dB at 3.6 kHz

Total input noise (Ze < 10 kOhm):, full bandwidth:

0.8 uVRMS (5 uVpk-pk)

1.0 uVRMS (6 uVpk-pk)

1.4 uVRMS (8 uVpk-pk)

2.0 uVRMS (12 uVpk-pk)

1/f noise (Ze < 1 MOhm):

1 uVpk-pk @ 0.1..10Hz

Amplifier current noise:

< 30 fArms

Input bias current:

< 10 pA per channel

Input impedance Active Electrode:

300 MOhm @ 50 Hz (1012 Ohm 11 pF)

DC offset:

< 0.5 mV

DC drift:

< 0.5 uV per degree Celsius

Input range:

+262 mV to -262 mV


< 0.1 %

Channel separation:

> 100 dB

Common Mode Rejection Ratio:

> 80 dB @ 50 Hz

Isolation Mode Rejection Ratio:

> 160 dB @ 50 Hz

Power Consumption:

4 Watt @ 256 channels

inversely proportional with the number of installed channels

Battery capacity, standard battery:

25 Watt-hour, 3 cell sealed lead-acid

(double capacity battery is available as an option)

Battery life on standard battery:

> 5 hours @ 256 channels

inversely proportional with the number of installed channels

Battery charge time (with external fast charger):

< 3.5 hours for a 100% charge

Leakage current, normal operation:

< 1 uA rms.

Leakage current, single fault:

< 50 uArms

Trigger inputs:

16 inputs on optical receiver (isolated from subject section) , TTL level

Trigger outputs:

15 outputs on optical receiver (isolated from subject section) , TTL level

PC interface:


Size of front-end, including battery-box (H x W x D):

120 x 150 x 190 mm

Weight of front-end, including battery-box:

1.1 kg


Indoor use: Temperature: +10°C to +40°C Humidity: 30 to 75% Pressure: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa


3 years (1 year on electrodes and batteries)

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Last Updated: 14th September, 2015