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Ion Chef Instrument

MANUFACTURER Thermo Fisher Scientific
CONTACT 1 Mel Leitch
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The Ion Chef System is the next generation of workflow simplification products for the Ion S5, Ion Proton, and Ion PGM systems. The Ion Chef System provides automated library preparation, template preparation, and chip loading for users at any experience level. In less than 15 minutes of up-front hands-on time and with the use of pre-packaged library preparation reagent kits, the Ion Chef System provides a convenient walk-away workflow resulting in equalized, pooled libraries ready for templating. The automated workflow supports Ion AmpliSeq one- and two-pool designs. See www.AmpliSeq.com to design your own custom panels. Compared to the four hours of hands-on time required with the Ion OneTouch 2 System, the Ion Chef System enables significantly higher productivity. Again, in less than 15 minutes of hands-on time, the fully automated template preparation provides two chips ready for sequencing.


Chip Compatibility: Ion PI™ Chip v3, Ion 314™ Chip v2 BC, Ion 316™ Chip v2 BC, Ion 318™ Chip v2 BC, Ion 520™ Chip, Ion 530™ Chip, Ion 540™ Chip Current Limit:14 A (max) Dimensions:28 x 22 x 28 in (71 x 55 x 71 cm) For Use With (Equipment):Ion PGM™ System, Ion Proton™ System, Ion S5™ System, Ion S5™ XL System Frequency:50⁄60 Hz High Throughput Compatibility: Automated Protocols, High Throughput-Compatible Operating Environment:Temperature: 15°C-25°C Operating System:Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) System, Ion Proton™ System Power Limit:1,350 W Product Line:Ion Chef™ Product Size:1 system Run Time:Varies with chip type and read length selected Voltage Limit:100 V (min) to 240 V (max)

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Last Updated: 16th April, 2018