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dSPACE SCALEXIO is a very versatile technology that provides highly flexible channels, can be extended to any required size and is completely software-configurable. Its application range covers all test domains, including the test of electronic control units (ECUs) of electric drives. Thanks to the SCALEXIO multiprocessing feature, the simulator can be coupled with existing SCALEXIO-based or DS100x-processor-board-based systems, allowing users to expand their existing test setups to meet growing project needs.


Support of different workflows and user roles by separating I/O configuration, modeling and code generation

Test of different ECU variants and types on a single system with minimal configuration effort

Easily resizable to fit specific test tasks because component test systems and network systems are both built with the same standardized hardware components and connections

Graphical configuration of channels

Use of virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) for HIL tests if the real ECU prototype is not available yet Support of Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)

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Last Updated: 11th May, 2017