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Hitachi High-Technologies TM3030 Plus Tabletop Microscope with Oxford Instruments Swift ED3000 microanalysis system

MANUFACTURER Hitachi High-Technologies (manufacturer's website)
MODEL TM3030Plus
CONTACT 1 Ken Madden
CONTACT 2 Susan Lawson
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SITE City Campus


Provides higher-resolution images through optimization of the electron optics system

With the newly developed tabletop microscope TM3030, benchtop type SEM, Hitachi High-Tech has improved the resolution of observed images in order to meet the needs of customers seeking to perform high-resolution observations without sample preparation. By optimizing the electron optics system, Hitachi High-Tech has provided a “5 kV mode” that enables sharper observations of the finest structures of sample surfaces, which cannot be observed at high accelerating voltages. Observations under high magnification also provide sharper, higher resolution observation images.

SWIFT ED incorporates AUTO ID for accurate element identification QUANT Auto ID set up routine Elements may be specified if required Digital Beam Control for x-ray maps and line scans (TM-3000 only)


Magnification 15 to 60,000×(digital zoom: 2×, 4×) Observation condition 5kV/15kV/EDX Observation mode Standard mode Charge-up reduction mode Image mode COMPO/Shadow 1/Shadow 2/TOPO Sample stage traverse X: ±17.5 mm, Y: ±17.5 mm Maximum sample size 70 mm in diameter Maximum sample height 50 mm Electron gun Pre-centered cartridge filament Signal detection system High-sensitive semiconductor 4-segment BSE detector Auto image adjustment function Auto start, Auto focus, Auto brightness/contrast Frame memory 640 × 480 pixels, 1,280 × 960 pixels Image data memory HDD of PC and other removal media Image format BMP, TIFF, JPEG Data display Micron marker, micron value, date and time, image number and comments, Image mode, Observation condition, D* (Distance), Observation mode Evacuation system (vacuum pump) Turbomolecular pump: 30 L /s × 1 unit, Diaphragm pump: 1 m3/h × 1 unit Operation help functions Raster rotation, Magnification preset (two steps) Image shift (±50 µm@D*=4.5 mm) Safety device Over-current protection function, built-in ELCB

Silicon Drift Detector Drift Detector with guaranteed performance. Uses the best of Si(Li) and SDD combined detector technology 30 mm2 @ 148 eV (MnKα) SDD countrate and Convenience Unique (SiLi) FET Technology X-Stream Pulse Processor for reliable stable results


Oxford Instruments Swift ED3000 microanalysis system

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Last Updated: 21st August, 2017