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GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph & Workstation

MODEL GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph, PC & Software
CONTACT 1 Emma Bell
CONTACT 2 Stewart Latimer
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SITE City Campus


The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with high repeatability, utilizing detectors such as FID and FPD that feature best-in-class sensitivity.

In addition, rapid oven cooling and backflush technology shorten analysis time greatly for significant improvements in productivity.


Trace Amount Analysis

A lineup of powerful detectors ensures the highest sensitivity - even for trace amount analysis.

Functions to improve analytical efficiency and productivity

Rapid oven cooling, backflushing technology, gas saver function, etc.

Advanced Flow Technology

New flow-controlling technologies enable higher separation capability and faster analysis.

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Last Updated: 21st August, 2017