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Leica CM1950 Cryostat

MODEL 1950
CONTACT 1 Mike Glanville
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With a CM1950, laboratories can be sure they have an instrument that meets their requirements for high quality sectioning, unmatched user safety and significantly improved workflows.

To ensure the CM1950 meets the demanding expectations of cryostat users, Leica Microsystems have introduced two significant features: the CryoZone™ cooling system and the optional vacuum waste removal system. The CryoZone system controls a zone of uniformly cool air in the critical areas of the cryochamber. This cool air circulates around the specimen, knife and anti-roll guide to create the optimal conditions for consistent, high-quality sectioning. The optional vacuum system aids workflow and safety. It saves time by keeping sections flat and wrinkle-free and enhances operator safety by removing waste material.




Section thickness range: Setting values: 1 to 100 µm 1.0 µm – 5.0 µm in 0.5 µm steps 5.0 µm – 20.0 µm in 1.0 µm steps 20.0 µm – 60.0 µm in 5.0 µm steps 60.0 µm – 100.0 µm in 10.0 µm steps

Trimming range: Clinical: 10 – 40 µm Setting values: 10 µm, 20 µm, 30 µm, 40 µm Research: 1 – 600 µm Setting values: 1,0 µm – 10,0 µm in 1,0 µm steps 10,0 µm – 20,0 µm in 2,0 µm steps 20,0 µm – 50,0 µm in 5,0 µm steps 50,0 µm – 100,0 µm in 10,0 µm steps 100,0 µm – 600,0 µm in 50,0 µm steps

Maximum specimen size: 50 x 80 mm

Total specimen feed: 25 mm

Vertical specimen stroke: 59 mm

Specimen retraction: 20 µm or off

Specimen orientation: 8° (x-, y-axis), 360° rotation of specimen disc

Electric coarse feed: Slow: 300 µm/s, in 20 µm steps Fast: 900 µm/s

Cryochamber Temperature range: 0°C to -35°C at ambient temperature of 20 °C

Specimen cooling (optional) Temperature range: – 10 to – 50 °C

Defrosting of specimen head: manual defrost

Cryochamber defrosting Automatic cryochamber defrosting: programmable, (hot gas defrost), selectable time, 1 defrost in 24 h or manual hot gas defrost, defrost time: 12 minutes

Automatic shut off defrost: at – 5 °C chamber temperature

Quick-freeze shelf Minimum temperature: down to – 42 °C, at chamber temp. – 35°C Number of freezing stations: 15 + 2 Defrost: manual hot-gas defrost

Peltier element Number of freezing stations: 2 Maximum temperature difference: 17 K, at chamber temp. of – 35 °C

Power draw 1900 VA

General information Operating temperature range: 18°C to 35°C Relative humidity: max. 60%, non-condensing Storage humidity: < 60% Dimensions and Weights Width (without handwheel): 700 mm Width (with handwheel): 835 mm Depth (cabinet only): 850 mm Height (total): 1215 mm Working height (armrest): 1025 mm

Weight: 165 kg Weight (with vacuum): 183 kg Weight (with motor): 185 kg Weight (with motor and vacuum): 193 kg

Item ID #1583.

Last Updated: 10th May, 2018