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Fluidigm Helios CyTOF system

MANUFACTURER Fluidigm Europe B.V. (manufacturer's website)
CONTACT 1 Andrew Filby
CONTACT 2 fccf@ncl.ac.uk
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SITE International Centre for Life


Mass cytometry uniquely combines time-of-flight mass spectrometry with Maxpar metal-labeling technology to enable breakthrough discovery and comprehensive functional profiling applications. Cellular targets are labeled with metal-tagged antibodies and detected and quantified by time-of-flight mass spectrometry. The high purity and choice of metal isotopes ensure minimal background noise from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components. And 135 available detection channels ensure an ongoing ability to add more parameters, enabling you to fully study the functional complexity of biological systems at the single-cell level.


Helios System

Channels 135 Mass range 75–209 amu Abundance sensitivity 0.3% for 159Tb Instrument response 600,000 counts/pg 159Tb Detection limit 350 antibodies/cell Dynamic range 4.5 orders of magnitude Calibration Automated Operating system Windows® 7 Pro 64-bit Data storage 7.2TB HDD RAID (mirrored) Sample introduction Pneumatic single tube loader with agitation, up to 5ml volume Peak throughput 2,000 (events/sec) Flow rate 30-45 (µL/min) Replicate sample CV (normalized) <3% Height 52 in (132 cm) Width 41 in (103 cm) Depth 35 in (87 cm) Weight 705 lb (320 kg)

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Last Updated: 20th April, 2018