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TESTO 350 Exhaust Gas Analyser

MODEL Testo 350
TRAINING No special training required.
CONTACT 1 Mr Peter Bowes
CONTACT 2 Dr Alan Murphy
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SITE City Campus


The portable flue gas analyser testo 350 is the ideal tool for professional flue gas analysis and measures up to six different parameters like O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, SO2, CO2, CxHy and H2S. Helpful instrument settings guide safely through typical measurement tasks such as:

Flue gas analysis in commissioning, setting, optimisation or operational measurements on industrial burners, stationary industrial engines, gas turbines and flue gas purification systems.

Control and monitoring of officially prescribed emission limits in exhaust gas. Function testing of stationary emission measuring instruments.

Control and monitoring of defined gas atmospheres in furnace rooms or kilns in different processes.

Item ID #1196.

Last Updated: 18th April, 2018