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Tecan Teach Spark 20M plate reader

MANUFACTURER Tecan UK (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Spark 20M plate reader
CONTACT 1 Anthony Gibson
CONTACT 2 Peter Bowes
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SITE City Campus


The Spark multimode microplate reader is your research partner – built for today and ready for tomorrow. It can effortlessly handle your routine or complex assays, with a modular and fully upgradeable design which can seamlessly adapt to your existing workflow and create entirely new assay possibilities. Its unique technology and software features ensure that there is a Spark configuration to increase the productivity of your lab, both today and in the future.


Spark Capabilities Absorbance – incl. UV/VIS spectra Fluorescence top & bottom - incl. spectra Time resolved fluorescence (TRF) – incl. spectra FRET TR-FRET Fluorescence Polarization (FP) Luminescence – glow, flash, multicolor, spectra AlphaSreen®, AlphaLISA® & AlphaPlex® Automated live cell imaging – cell counting and confluence Absorbance cuvette port NanoQuant plate Temperature control (RT+3°C – 42°C) Liquid dispensers with reagent heater and stirrer CO2 & O2 control Evaporation protection (humidtiy cassette) Te-Cool™ (active temperature regulation 18-42 °C) Integrated lid handling QC tools for IQOQ services Connect™ microplate stacker ELISA Low-volume DNA/RNA quantification Nucleic acid labeling efficiency Protein quantification HTRF®, LanthaScreen® Transcreener® DLR® BRET – including NanoBRET® Cell counting and viability Confluence assessments Cell migration and woundhealing

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Last Updated: 18th April, 2018