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OmniLog Phenotype Microarray System

MANUFACTURER Biolog Incorporated
MODEL Omnilog PM System
CONTACT 1 Emma Bell
CONTACT 2 David Moir
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SITE City Campus


Automated metabolic rate assays

Using Biolog Phenotype MicroArray (PM)metabolic panels (e.g., PM-M1 to PM-M4), metabolic rates of cellular carbon/energy and nitrogen substrates can be measured on diverse cells including bacteria, fungi, human and other animal cell lines, stem cells, and primary cells.

Automated anti-cancer drug assays

Using Biolog Phenotype MicroArray panels PM-M10 to PM-M14, automated chemosensitivity assays can be performed easily and accurately with 92 cytotoxic anticancer drugs. The combination of the OmniLog instrument with Biolog’s novel redox dye chemistries can be employed in simple colorimetric assays of diverse combinations of cells with biologically active chemicals.


  • OmniLog incubator capacity is 50 standard microplates or PM plates (aka: panels)
  • Incubation Temperature Range: 22° to 45°C in the tray chamber at full capacity
  • Phenotype MicroArray (PM) panels of up to 1,920 phenotypic tests for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi, and mammalian cells
  • OmniLog PM software contains a suite of algorithms that work in conjunction with the OmniLog reader and Biolog’s PM panels. These programs allow display of kinetic PM panel data recorded by the OmniLog reader, manage and analyze the data, export it in a variety of raw and processed forms.
  • The OmniLog® PM System generates a kinetic response curve for all assays simultaneously and monitors most known aspects of cell function. The range of phenotypes analyzed includes:
  • 2.Catabolism of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur
  • 3.Biosynthesis of small molecules
  • 4.Biosynthesis of polymeric macromolecules
  • 5.Formation of cellular structures
  • 6.Cellular respiratory functions

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Last Updated: 21st August, 2017