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iFunnel Q-TOF

MANUFACTURER Agilent (manufacturer's website)
MODEL 6550
CONTACT 1 David Moir
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  • Achieve femtogram-level sensitivity with Agilent iFunnel technology, which increases ion transfer for the lowest detection levels of any high-resolution LC/MS instrument.
  • Avoid interferences and make high-resolution quantitation a reality with the combination of accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Gain confidence in your analysis with sub-ppm mass accuracy and resolution of 45k.
  • See everything when screening or profiling with a wide in-spectrum dynamic range, complementing the system’s excellent detection limits and superb reproducibility.
  • Take full advantage of blazing fast acquisition speeds with the latest developments in Agilent Infinity II UHPLC, 2D-LC, SFC, and even GC-APCI chromatographic interfaces.
  • Use powerful MassHunter software for profiling, characterizing, identifying, and quantifying compounds in complex mixtures via high-definition MS and MS/MS.
  • Check out the latest developments in untargeted screening and quantitation using Agilent’s All Ions MS/MS technique.

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Last Updated: 15th December, 2017

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