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BioWave Pro+

MANUFACTURER Agar Scientific (manufacturer's website)
CONTACT 1 Tracey Davey
CONTACT 2 em.researchservices@ncl.ac.uk
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SITE City Campus


Please contact Newcastle University's Electron Microscopy Research Services to arrange bookings or training on this equipment.



This new tissue processor further enhances processing of tissue for diagnostic and research TEM, immuno-fluorescence and confocal specimen processing. The new design of the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ introduces new features that improve efficiency and streamline functionality. It is built on trusted technology and adds enhancements for efficient laboratory processing.

The BioWave Pro+ meets the current needs of the modern laboratory with up-to-date technology. With clickable text navigation, screen interactions are simple and clear. Live run-time graphs provide an easily accessible view of the current protocol in real-time. The simplified protocol selection screen allows one-touch access to loaded and custom protocols.

Trusted Technology, Enhanced Efficiency

User-Friendly Run Screens - intuitive functions in a simple, consistent format offer all setting controls within one screen Live Run-Time Graph - quick and convenient view of the current protocol in real-time provides an active view of run progress Simplified Protocol Selection - icon-driven interface allows users one-touch access to pre-loaded and customized protocols Two USB Ports - for convenient data transfer of protocols and recorded run information The BioWave Pro+ fits nicely into a core facility or multi-user environment by providing options to users on data manipulation. Users are able to create a folder for their protocols and recorded data on the BioWave Pro+ directly or may choose to keep their data and protocols on a USB key.

BioWave Pro+ RPM

The BioWave Pro+ and RPM (Report/Protocol Manager) app simplifies data transfer and custom protocol upload. The Report/Protocol Manager (RPM) is designed to meet diagnostic laboratory regulations on reviewing recorded data for each protocol. Recorded data can be downloaded to the USB key and then transferred into the RPM app on a laboratory computer. The RPM app also provides an improved design for protocol creation and review. The completed protocol can be uploaded to the USB key and then downloaded to the BioWave Pro+ directly from the touchscreen.


BioWave Pro+ Specifications Dimensions 553mm x 514mm x 546mm (21.75" W x 20.25" D x 21.5" H) Weight 37kg (83lb) Microwave Power Range Continuous power from 100 - 750 watts Microwave Frequency 2.45GHz User Interface 7" Touchscreen Temperature Probe ±1°C Magnetic Stirrer Integrated, 0 - 3000rpm speed Exhaust 110 cfm capacity Vacuum System 20" Hg, 3 modes Certification ETL/CE Power 230V, 10amp, 50Hz dedicated circuit

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Last Updated: 6th July, 2018