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Bio-Imaging Unit

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CONTACT 1 Dr Alex Laude
CONTACT 2 bioimaging@ncl.ac.uk
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SITE City Campus



The facility caters for a wide variety of imaging requirements and can offer: conventional brightfield, phase, DIC and wide field-fluorescence microscopy as well as confocal microscopy, multiphoton-microscopy, Light-sheet imaging, super resolution microscopy and 'high-content' confocal screening.

We can cover a wide range of imaging techniques on both live and fixed samples for example: Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleach (FRAP), Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), time lapse (live-cell) light-sheet and volume (z-stack) imaging. Our equipment can also accommodate fixed and live-cell automated screening (high-content) applications and is supported by several networked and dedicated workstations running both commercial and open-source image analysis software.

Our facilities can be accessed by both internal and external academic researchers as well as commercial projects. Access can be on one of three levels: unsupervised (once trained), part-supervised, contract (we do the imaging). Our team of specialists can provide advice on all aspects of microscopy from experimental design through to image analysis.

contact: bioimaging@ncl.ac.uk

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