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Isolera Spektra Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation system

MANUFACTURER Biotage (manufacturer's website)
CONTACT 1 Joanne Lakey
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Isolera™ Spektra is a high performance ACI™ Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation system. Available as Isolera Spektra One, Four and LS, with time, efficiency and cost saving purification run features that are normally only found on the world’s most expensive high-end chromatography systems.

With Isolera™ Assist you get the benefits of the feature-rich Isolera Flash Purification Systems in a simple and easy to use interface. It ensures you achieve the best results, regardless of your experience level.


Isolera System Four Channel, Standard Arm, Variable Detector. Includes four 16 x 150 mm racks and a starter set of SNAP cartridges

Item ID #1567.

Last Updated: 6th April, 2017